Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Family Dynamic

Our happy, cheerful Addy is totally and completely oblivious to the fact that Rilynn is not so happy and cheerful when her big sister makes her presence known.
If you don't believe me, just take a look below:

 Still having doubts that I'm telling the truth???

 Now do you believe me??

Sleeping Arrangements

This is where Addy should sleep:

This is where Addy has been sleeping after we put her to "bed" at night for the past 2 months:

 This is where Addy slept last night to prevent the above from happening once again:

Much to our surprise, Addy was just fine with sleeping in the crib which is just fine with me because I really don't think Rilynn will be wanting that crib anytime soon seeing that this....
is her preferred place to sleep.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sisterly Love

My goal of keeping both Rilynn's eyes intact proves to be more difficult than I previously thought. Addy does an inventory of all Rilynn's body parts every. single. day. She has to touch each body part as she goes through her check list.
 Rilynn is so lucky to have a sister who is so concerned about her.

I feel pretty lucky to have two beautiful daughters.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

She Made it

Rilynn made her debut last Saturday, July 14.  She weighed in at 6 lbs 11 oz and was 19 inches long.  She is doing great and we are all in love with her, especially her big sister. 

Our first family picture which took numerous attempts because big sister did not want to stop admiring her baby sister and look at the camera.

Rilynn's first visitors were my mom and dad.

When Addy first met Rilynn, we thought she had something that she could give to Rilynn, so we didn't allow any touching or holding. After a trip to the Dr, Addy was cleared to hold and touch Rilynn as much as we would allow (which wasn't nearly enough for Addy).
 She was loving every minute of her time with her baby sister.
 I think this is going to be one loved baby sister
 My goal is just to make sure that Rilynn celebrates her first birthday with both eyes still intact.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So, after taking a two month "break" from posting, it is really hard to get back into it. I guess it took some really cute pictures of Addy taken by my sister to get me back into the groove of things.

During my blogging haitus, Addy turned two.

She is so full of life.

If you haven't noticed, she really likes to play with her tongue. It was pretty impossible to get a picture of her smiling without her tongue making an appearance.

Even though we have only had this cute girl for 2 years, it feels like she has been a part of our lives forever.

After enduring picture taking, Addy was rewarded with a cupcake which she devoured (I may or may not have helped in that devouring process).

We love you!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Addy has found a friend. She talks about Olivia all the time. Almost every week, the two of them either play on the Mcdonald's play place, go to the park or the splash pad.  If Addy and Olivia ore really lucky, they get to have an absolutely delicious sugar cookie at our favorite bakery to finish off the playdate. They really like each other and love to give each other hugs and kisses.

It is so fun to get together with Nikki and Olivia.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ducks, Eggs and Curls

Sometimes life just moves too fast for me to keep up. As I've been trying to stay afloat with life, I have not been able to post some of our experiences. Addy had such a fun Easter that I would really regret it if I didn't document it, regardless of how busy life gets. Toph just told me that as long as I post it before April ends, I am in good shape. He always makes me feel better about things.
This year we made the big trip to Colorado to visit Toph's parents. I'm pretty sure Addy handled the 6 hour drive a lot better than I did. She was a trooper as long as we kept treats, books and Toph's phone in her hands.
I think Addy's favorite part of the whole weekend was feeding the ducks (twice) and playing on the swing.

Toph and I had a fun time doing a little Easter egg hunt for Addy. Candy was involved, so of course she loved it.

I think the least favorite part of the weekend was getting her hair done in curlers on Sunday morning. This was the first time I did her hair in curlers and she was not a fan. But she loved all the attention she got by her grammie and papa when she went walking down the stairs in her Easter dress and curly hair.

This was our attempt at a family picture. Addy was repeatedly bribed with candy to just sit still and smile. She was either not looking at the camera (first picture) or was showing off her spitting skills (second picture) which she just discovered she had a few weeks ago.

 Addy really got spoiled by her grandparents, which made coming home so much harder, but we wouldn't want it any other way.